We have a large team in Kathmandu ready to produce what our clients need. Under the outsourced-delivery model, our team in Tokyo meet our clients understand their needs. We will either follow agile development model or traditional water-fall development model based on client's choice. After several iterations with clients, we expect software requirement document to be prepared. We send the requirement document to our team in Nepal. They go through the requirement and prepare Statement of Work (SOW). Once client approves the SOW, we deliver service under ether fixed-cost or engineer-for-rent model. Engineer-for-rent model under which the client agrees to hire certain number of engineers for certain months working closely with them from our Kathmandu office is usually used for agile software development. Under fixed-cost model, we quote the cost in advance and deliver as per the SOW.

Development at Client's Site

Many of our clients prefer if our engineers are at their site. Under this service model, client specify type and number of software developers they need. Within 60 to 90 days’ period, we sponsor visa for our engineers with four-year undergrad degree and with at least preliminary (N5) Japanese language skill and make them available at client's site. To provide service under this model, we need 90 days of notice and at least a year of commitment for each software developer.

Engagement Model

We are very flexible and work very hard to meet our clients' quality and budget expectations. We work with our customers three different ways.

  1. Fixed cost project: Our customers provide project specifications and require us to bid for projects. We provide cost and time estimates. If given the opportunity to serve, we deliver a high quality product within the budget and do our best to complete it by the deadline.
  2. Offshore engineers for rent: Under this model, we provide a team of offshore engineers and onshore project management as per the client's need. We charge per engineer per month basis. Our offshore team either works as an extension of the client's team or independently as per client's direction.
  3. Onshore engineers for rent: Customers not ready to work with an offshore team can rent one or more engineers. Under this model, we deploy a team of engineers—and a project manager if needed—to the client's site.

In cases where our clients work with offshore engineers, our offshore team meets video conferences with the client's team on an as-often-as-needed basis. Members of our Tokyo office remain available at all times.

Product Development Partnership

As a product development partner, Deerwalk Japan utilizes Agile development methodology and delivers the cost benefits of a global services team while providing a domestic management and customer service team.

Application Level: You provide requirements and design priorities, and Deerwalk works with you to build your applications. With this type of project, you can utilize Deerwalk Japan’s local senior technical expertise while leveraging the cost benefits of our offshore group. This is a good option for non-technical organizations that need a prototype or full product built in a cost effective manner. After development is complete, we provide the level of support you require, from hosting and maintaining your applications to providing source code for your own use.

Project Level:We work with your existing teams and provide features or upgrades to your new or existing projects. This hybrid team model has worked well for tackling all levels of tasks. In this respect Deerwalk Japan’s global cost structure and scalability provide you the flexibility needed to scale up for a large one-time project, or to provide that extra push to your development.

Task Level: Deerwalk Japan’s engineers, designers and quality assurance team can join your team and work directly with you and your employees. In this model the client maintains technical direction, management and visibility while leveraging our offshore resources on your projects. This has been a great solution for small startups that have a technical founder but need additional coders to implement their vision.

Development Cycle

  • Designers create several variations of static mockups
  • Designers make iterative changes to mockups based on client feedback to create a final version of the mockup
  • Designers create clickable mockups to simulate a functioning product
  • Begin application development following a client approved model
  • Begin Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) and progress in parallel with development
  • Provide frequent User Acceptance Testing (UAT) releases for client feedback along the way with regular status and progress updates
  • Provide final UAT release
  • Host on Deerwalk Japan’s servers or deliver final site for client’s own hosting solution

Web Application Development

Deerhold has extensive experience in building Web applications for organizations, both large and small, with expertise in using a fully open source stack with Java, Groovy on Grails as well as Microsoft stack with .NET MVC.

The client-end features a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with extensive use of jQuery. We have adopted HTML5 and CSS3, keeping browser compatibility in mind. The expert use of these technologies coupled with our scalable MVC development model on the server side creates flexible, easy-to-maintain and high quality Web applications. Our development methodology and expertise are well-suited for building complex yet highly responsive and flexible Web applications.

Mobile Application Development

Deerwalk builds both iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android applications for mobile devices, as well as applications that can run on iOS and Android when cross compatibility is desired. Our experience in server and web application development means we can create a complete connected infrastructure to meet your mobile application needs. We apply tried and tested development methodologies for mobile application development, just as it does for server, desktop and web application development.

Data Conversion Services

Deerwalk has extensive experience in handling data of all types for customers across many industries. You can leverage Deerwalk Group’s experience and our global services team to convert the data you receive from partners, vendors or legacy applications into any format you require. Our mature process for handling data conversions supports one-time conversions and ongoing processes that need to be automated and maintained.

Implementation times vary by project but our experience guarantees the fastest possible implementation at the lowest cost. The rules driving the transformation cycle are as follows:

  • Never alter client data
  • Perform extensive quality control at every phase
  • Document the exception list at every step and share with the client

Wordpress Development Services

Deerwalk has a team dedicated to website design and content management platform development using WordPress. Our team provides very high quality custom WordPress development services. Our experienced WordPress website developers have created many WordPress add-ons. The services we provide include developing different plugins for different features, creating multi-faceted themes and templates, optimizing your website for SEO, and making it more responsive across different platforms.

If you are looking for a team of web developers using WordPress technology, look no further than Deerwalk.