Who We Are

Deerwalk Japan Ltd. was founded by Rudra Pandey, PhD in early 2018. Rudra successfully co-founded D2Hawkeye and sold in 2009 and then founded Deerwalk, Inc. (www.deerwalk.com) in 2010 and Deerwalk Institute of Technology (www.dwit.edu.np) in 2011. Deerwalk affiliates have more than 500 employees in Nepal and around 50 in USA. After growing two successful software product companies, Rudra's group has established global holding company called Deerhold Ltd in USA. Rudra's team has a plan to expand software service business around the world. Deerwalk Japan is Deerhold's first subsidiary outside of USA.

Deerwalk Japan's objective is to fill software development resource gap in Japan. We plan to bridge the gap either by deploying our engineers at client's site or outsourcing our client's software development needs to our offshore center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our offshore center is one of the most modern campus in Kathmandu, Nepal. In addition to 500 plus professional software developers, our campus also has a computer science college with around 350 undergraduate level students. We a training center where we teach Japanese language and advance programming skills to graduate from other colleges in Kathmandu.

Rudra's team has a tremendous experience in delivering quality products using offshore resources. And the team also has now facility to train prospective employees. This makes Deerwalk group more than ready to serve Japanese market. Still, we take every opportunity we have in Japan very seriously and humbly. Quality is our number one priority.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs around the world maximize their potential by connecting them to our exclusive network of software engineers in Nepal.

Why Deerwalk Japan?

Do You Have Any of the These Concerns?
  • High development or employment costs
  • Want to expand outside of Japan but do not have the experience
  • Lack of experienced engineers
Here’s Where We Come In:
  • Deerhold has a growing network of over 500+ professional software engineers with years of experience
  • Engineers at Deerwalk Nepal also learn Japanese language from professional instructors
  • Deerhold has years of experience in all corners of the IT industry from software development to website design
  • Competitive offshore pricing model
  • A good portion of Deerwalk engineers are young
Benefits Working with Us:
  • Cost effective and guaranteed ROI
  • Global support network, including; the United States, Nepal, Qatar, and Singapore
  • Guaranteed high quality results

Why Nepal?

We feel Nepal is better fit to serve Japanese market for many reasons. Here are few:

  1. Language: Many Nepalis speak more than three languages—learning an additional language is easy. The sentence structure of Nepali and Japanese is somewhat similar. Thus Nepalis find learning Japanese less challenging.
  2. Turnover: Employee turnover in Nepal is much lower than in many other key offshore destinations like India, China, and Vietnam. Nepalis tend to be more loyal to their work as long as their employer treats them fairly. High turnover has been one of the biggest challenges for business seeking offshore services lately. Low employee turn over makes Nepal the preferred destination for offshore development. Deerwalk, being the most favored employer in Nepal, has a turnover rate in the low teens.
  3. Life philosophy:As Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepalis remain very closely attached to Buddha's teaching. This keeps Nepali engineers away from the practices of lying and cheating. Why would a customer want their offshore partners lying to them?
  4. Time difference: Nepal Time (GMT+5:45) is just three and a quarter hours behind Japan Standard Time (GMT+9). That time difference makes Nepal a convenient offshore destination for Japanese customers.
  5. Cost: Because of its comparatively low cost of living, Nepal is very competitive in cost for offshore services.
  6. Incredible place: Nepal is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world because of its amazing natural beauty and humble, kind, smiling people. If you want to outsource, why not do it in a country you want to visit anyway?

So, we believe our customers will not regret having their offshore center in Kathmandu, Nepal. In fact, this will be an amazingly successful journey for them.

Our Capability

Machine Learning
We have strong capabilities in data analysis to automate analytical model building using Machine Learning. Our team’s proficiency in Python allows them to take advantage of the various open source modules that are an essential part of the Machine Learning ecosystem: NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-Learn. Based upon our understanding of statistics, we have utilized logistic regression for making predictions models. The team has further expanded their capabilities in Deep Learning using artificial neural networks. This has given our team the opportunity to gain cogent experience in using TensorFlow integrated with Keras API to build and train deep learning models.

Big Data
The team is adept at handling raw, unsorted data using Hadoop. Depending on the complexity and portability requirements of the project, we can integrate Cascading over the Hadoop API to execute data processing workflows. Our projects have implemented a NoSQL distributed database such as Elasticsearch to meet the demanding workload and low latency requirements of real-time engagements. Data sets are then run through various queries using Apache Spark for training machine learning algorithms.

Cloud Computing
The team is knowledgeable in developing and implementing solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilize Amazon’s S3 storage facilities, EC2 as physical servers, and Redshift RDBMS for data warehousing and scalability purposes. Given the team’s multiple implementation on cloud environments, they are easily able to take advantage of scalability and reduce deployment time using various advanced cloud services provided by AWS. Furthermore, the team utilizes AWS for MongoDB deployments using Linux file systems. Additionally, the team integrates Lambda functionality when entry into NoSQL database is triggered to load information into Redshift enabling analytics to be run on the data. The skills learned from training and experience enables the team to pull in various components of the cloud computing environment to provide an effective solution.

Front-End Development
Given the training facilities and opportunities available in our organization, all our developers are quite savvy in use of the following technology stacks: JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Node.js, Angular, JQuery, and Responsive Design Principles. Design resources are also available to provide UI Design—as per client requirements—using various tools, as well as 3D Design, and Animation.

Skill Inventory for resources in our Nepal office

Skill Inventory


Number of Resources

Java Development


.Net Development


iOS App Development


Android App Development




Web/Graphic Design


Data Analytics


IT/Release Engineering


Cloud Platform (AWS, Git, Hadoop, Elastic Search, Apache Spark, Redshift, Cascading, MongoDB, MySQL)


Project Management


Quality Assurance 


Rudra Pandey's Offshore Success Stories

Rudra Pandey, PhD and Jeff Gasser, current CEO of Deerwalk, Inc., joined hands with the founder and CEO Chris Kryder, MD in 2001 to co-found America's first online clinical analytics software from scratch in Nepal. The size of the Nepal team had grown to 300 when D2Hawkeye was acquired by Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq, VRSK) in 2008. D2Hawkeye later became Verisk Health and is now part of Cotiviti (https://www.cotiviti.com/) and still exists in Nepal. D2Hawkeye's Nepal office — close to 500-strong — is still a key component of Cotiviti, demonstrating that a team in Nepal and deliver consistent and high-quality results.

Verisk Nepal

After its acquisition of D2Hawkeye, New Jersey-based Verisk Analytics started using the offshore center in Nepal. The company has continued using the Nepal office for sophisticated analytics and engineering work even after divesting D2Hawkeye's healthcare analytics business. Verisk has now its own operation in Nepal and has about 200 people working from the offshore center.

Deerwalk, Inc.
Deerwalk, Inc. (https://www.deerwalk.com/) was founded by Rudra Pandey and his team in 2011. The company built its software from scratch in Nepal and is now a leading BIG data healthcare analytics company in the United States. The Nepal team built the very first BIG data based technology platform for healthcare. The cloud-based platform uses technology stack like AWS, Git, Hadoop, Elastic Search, Apache Spark, Redshift, Cascading, MySQL, etc. and scripting languages like Java, Python, jQuery, AngularJS, Grails, HTML5, CSS3, etc. More than 300 engineers in Nepal work on this platform. The Nepal office is also incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to enhance Deerwalk's prediction algorithms.

Services to other startups
In addition to developing their own products, both D2Hawkeye and Deerwalk have provided software development services to many startups and large companies from their Nepal centers. The services included building software from scratch into multiple mature releases before handing over to clients' onsite teams. Some of the flagship products Nepal team built included online banking, geo-mapping, clinicians to consumers interfaces, pediatrics care management and analytics, insurance stop-loss analytics, catastrophic losses prediction for P&C insurance carriers, and medical coding review.

Rudra and his team have a proven track record of 20 years of successfully delivering the most advanced software products from Nepal. If you want an offshore partner to build your next big software platform, Deerhold is the team to rely on.